chat on the phone with style and grace {a poem}

{Adorable rotary phone}

With eight year-olds having their own cell phone and two year-olds getting iPads for Christmas, technology etiquette is seriously important these days. My own cell phone has become a physical extension of me since moving to the east coast as it is my main (only) form of communication with my west coast friends and family. I find that I am constantly texting, checking my phone hoping to have received a text, and taking/sending pictures to update friends on the happenings in my life (i.e., funny pictures of Charlie). The incredible amount of time I spend talking on the phone, texting, and planning phone dates has brought a newfound appreciation to polite phone behavior.

A poem for all of us chatters to keep loving conversations going strong:

When you are on the phone chatting with a long lost pal,
Give your undivided attention to boost morale.

Don’t answer the phone if you are not able to chat,
Multitasking just makes one seem like a brat.

Remember that conversations include giving and take,
Monopolizing the time is something one should forsake.

Resist the urge to check Facebook and internet browse,
For this is against phone etiquette vows.

At times we are all known to repeat a story or two,
But please keep count or people may not want to talk to you.

Silence your phone when out with friends or a date,
Otherwise the phone may end up smashed on your plate.

And finally a plea from your friendly eye doc,
Refrain from answering during an exam or out he may walk.

Remember these tips to show respect and love,
For talking on the phone is what many relationships are made of.

{Can you think of any other phone faux pas?}

PS Is it just me or do phone cases just keep getting cuter and cuter? This kate spade garden flowers iPhone case will surely look lovely attached to my ear very, very soon.


  1. I love the poem, its on point! We love everything to do with proper english language and etiquette too. You might like our first instalment of our etiquette guide.

  2. love that vintage phone!! i think i need to track one down 😉

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