old dress | new skirt

Do you ever buy a dress for a vacation and then fail to wear it ever again?  I drooled over the dress I am wearing above for months before our honeymoon two years ago.  I was truly convinced the trip would not be complete without this dress.  Well, of course I purchased it without trying it on and it just wasn’t quite right.  The smocked bodice didn’t fit properly and the length was a tad too short.  Sigh.  Non-returnable.  Waste of money.  Taking up room in my closet.

Determined to reinvent my closet without purchasing new items I turned the dress into a skirt, added a tucked-in bright button-up top and a belt.  Hello {free} new outfit!  {Husband is so proud.}

{Top: J.Crew, similar to this one.  Dress: Joie Elephant Print Joelle Dress.  Belt: Anthropologie (old).  Sunglasses: Chanel.}

{Hair look familiar?  I used this style.}

{Adorable puppy completes any look.  Right?}

What old items have you turned new?  


  1. I try to reinvent items too. My husband says “can’t you Marge Bovier something?” (episode of the Simpsons).

    I bought a pair of Seven jeans that had these bright pink paint marks on the back pockets. After a while I got sick of the pink but liked the jeans so I sandpapered the paint off… Marge Bovier was proud 😉

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