home {life} inspiration: rustic elegance

I like flowers, he likes antlers.  I like purses, he likes guns.  I like cupcakes, he likes beef jerky.

But sometimes we take one for the team such as this girl fly fishing in Wyoming.

And this guy donning a sport coat before a nice dinner while staying at a charming inn.

I was all about combining our styles when planning our wedding yet didn’t really give much consideration to the rest of our lives.  Oh, that?

Although we are mere renters we continuously attempt to fuse our different styles without one over powering the other.  (So evolved, right?)  Goodbye ruffled shower curtain.  Hello antelope head.  Goodbye nasty hunting blanket on the bed.  Hello prints and colors everywhere!  With that in mind we often daydream of our perfect home, an impeccable juxtaposition of rustic, comfort, elegance, and furry pals.

Inspiration for our future rustic chic home, where feminine touches meet a Wyoming cowboy at heart:

{Oh, hello, gorgeous kitchen with exposed wood beams (found on Pinterest).}

{Lots of white and natural light balance out a water buck head.  Oh, did you think that was a deer?  Silly, girl.  (So did I.)}

{Winter display at Bergdorf Goodman.  My husband’s opinion: “$1200 for this?  I could make it for free.”  Oh, please.}

{Felt Animal Heads, which I enjoy because they are not actual dead animals.  That gets depressing.  And Charlie barks at them incessantly for seriously wronging him (i.e., hanging on the wall).}

{Is this real?  Just lovely.  I wonder how it is possible to be so clean.}

{A perfect outdoor spot with beverages included.  Can I trade that tea for wine, please?}

{How divine are these windows and the hardwood floors?}

{Charming.  Pretty.  Love.  I may have to attempt this immediately if not sooner.  “Great, more holes in the walls.”–Husband}

Due to our frequent moving, it is dificult to build a cozy home and decorate exactly the way we want.  We attempt to focus on small details that represent our styles, such as:

{A truly thoughtful wedding gift: a hand-carved elk horn from dear (pun intended) friends in Wyoming.}

{Rustic animals (now that is a deer!) holding feminine cooking accessories.  If you’ve read any of my cooking posts you’ve surely spotted a few other similar details.}

{My own girly corner.  Do you spy the framed shrine to our wedding invitations?  Another lovely gift, courtesy of my sister.}

I assume the majority of people co-habitating, whether it is a spouse, significant other, roommate, or house full of LOLCats, have to compromise on a few details.  What decor accommodations have you made?



  1. winterstar06 says:

    I think my Phil would love me so much more if I could be more accepting of dead animals on the wall. As soon as we bought the house all his stuff decorated the garage nicely. His family coat of arms is over the bed but the rest is all mine. Except his fish tank-I have yet get rid of that. You are so great for bringing on the compromising!


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