to sock bun or not to sock bun?

Things I hope will never go out of style: top ponies, messy buns, and bright pink lips. Isn’t it glorious that girls today can get away with spending five minutes on their hair and it can be considered chic? Our grandmothers would not approve. (Grandmother Quote: “Doesn’t that get all snarly?”)

I am always looking for quick and easy variations of styling a top pony, because, well, it is way too much work to style this lion’s mane more than once a week. The idea of using a cutoff sock to create a messy chic bun has been floating around Pinterest and blogs. It sparked my curiosity as to whether the sock would make the bun cuter or if it would just be awkward. Interested yet? Here is how to create said chic messy bun:

{First, cut off a sock.}

{Then wrap the sock around a teased, high pony tail 1990s scrunchy style.}

{Start by grabbing one inch sections of the pony tail, wrap under towards your head, and pin the ends with a bobby pin.}

{Continue pinning the pony tail until all of your hair is pinned in a circular formation and the sock is invisible. In hindsight, hot pink was probably not the best color sock to choose. Oops.}

{Add a little sparkle, if you feel so inclined.}

{I began having images of a wannabe lookalike Disney princess so back went the bangs.}

Verdict: I do not think the sock is super beneficial for gals with a lion’s mane, however may be helpful to add fullness for girls with less volume (i.e., a normal amount of hair to have on one’s head). In fact, I ended up taking the sock out. The principle of the method, though, is still quite cute! And it only takes 5-10 minutes. Cheers to my fellow busy gals that don’t have hours to spend on their hair!


  1. Cousin! How is it possible that you always look so flawlessly gorgeous in all your pics (especially the close-ups) that you post on here!? Just gorgeous! I’m loving following, so fun with the perfect amount of sophistication and I appreciate all the “low on time” tips! Excellent work! (and I suppose it doesn’t hurt to have such a beautiful model either 😉

  2. alexandriamarie1 says:

    Thanks for the tutorial!! I keep seeing the concept being “pinned” all around but have never taken the time to educate myself on what exactly the “sock bun” is. I think it looks SUPER cute on you, especially with your bangs pulled back into it like you have it in the last pic. Someday my hair will be long enough to try this. Not any day soon, but I’m workin on it!

    p.s. cute socks 🙂

  3. This is adorable!! I love it!

  4. winterstar06 says:

    Do you think my super straight, thin, flat hair could possibly cover a sock? Maybe I should get one of my little nieces socks to try!

  5. Bridget says:

    The way to hide the sock and add fullness is after you cut the toe off the sock, roll the sock around itself until it essentially looks like a fat hairtie or a scrunchie. Then, put all of your hair through the middle, then slide it to the ends of your hair, so just an inch or so is sticking out of the end, then start rolling the sock up the ponytail towards your head, the same way you rolled it to make it a circle before, and tuck the ends as you go. At the end you will have a bun that is really solid and can’t fall out, it doesn’t need any pins, it looks like you have twice as much hair, and it looks really professional – all the hair looks like it is getting sucked into the center of the bun. Just thought i’d share this other take on the sock bun. It works like magic on thin, fine hair that needs volume! (aka mine) 🙂 you can also make it messy by loosening it’s grip around the sock a little at the end. 🙂


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