get your silk blouse on

Don’t we all have at least one très chic friend who manages to make everything she wears look like a magazine ad?  I am blessed with several and when I am not busy pining away at their seemingly effortless style I am taking cues (copying?) from their wardrobe to make mine cuter.  Thus begins a little series on a favorite inspiration: my ridiculously/annoyingly lovely best pals.  My friend pictured above, whom you’ve seen pictured here and here, is one of the chicest gals I know.  She is one of those girls who has a knack for perfect makeup and dressing impeccably for every occassion.  I would completely hate her if she wasn’t so darn nice.  

The wardrobe habit I have gleamed from her is to never underestimate the simple beauty of a silk blouse.  (Doesn’t she scream casual glam in the picture?)  She has a perfect selection of silk blouses which she rocks under blazers, cardigans, or as the sole top with loads of necklaces.  I never realized how versatile a silk blouse could be until I started observing her wardrobe.  I am a believer now!  (For example, see this outfit.)  If I were able to purchase a new blouse at the moment, here are a few I would love to add to my closet for work and play:

{Luxe Silk Crepe Blouse: This color will brighten up your life}

{Equipment Print Blouse: Cute on its own or under a striped sweater}

{Lace-Back Blouse: Check out the back.  Ohh la racy!}

{Pintuck Blouse: A classic staple}

{Joie Felix Scallop Tiered Silk Tank: I am a sucker for feminine flowers and scalloped edges}

{Maison Scotch Star Print Silk Blend Shirt: I am habitually drawn to mauve and polka dots make it oh so charming}

For healthcare gals, a silk blouse is completely wearable to work.  I rotate a few sleeveless options under cardigans and the ruffles peeking out make me smile.  If you wear it without a sweater/cardigan over just make sure it is not so sheer that bras are visible!  No bueno in a hospital. 

What trends have you hijacked from your friends?  Please share so I won’t feel like such a creeper!


  1. You both look very chic

  2. ohhh i love the equipment one! they make great blouses, for sure.



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