torrone semifreddo

The tease of warmer weather has left me dreaming of cool treats and the perfect recipe magically appeared when I was perusing the April Martha Stewart Living.  I had never attempted torrone semifreddo before however the pleading eyes that were flashing between the picture in the magazine and me made it clear this needed to be prepared.  (The pleading eyes were not Charlie’s.)  The recipe is sadly not online yet, however, turn to page 123 of the magazine if you experience a similar jonesing.

{Combining meringue with whipped cream creates an extremely tasty nougat-like texture.}

{Candied hazelnuts and chopped bittersweet chocolate create the perfect balance of sweet, crunchy, and chocolatey goodness.}

{The recipe may have taken more than the 40 minutes to make that Martha claimed, however, the ingredients are refreshingly simple: sugar, hazelnuts, egg whites, salt, heavy cream, vanilla extract, and bittersweet chocolate.}

{I contemplated drizzling a sauce over this but it really does not need anything else.  Just slice and serve on dessert plates.  Bon appétit!}  


  1. This could be a dangerous recipe to have. I don’t think enough time is ever given to all the mincing and dicing that is required in a recipe.

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