wear sunnies {they’re good for your health}

 I am completely obsessed with sunglasses.  In fact, a few years ago in a kayaking excursion gone bust I was tragically attacked by the ocean reef in order to rescue my Chanel limited addition sunglasses.  I attribute my light-sensitive eyes, laziness with eye makeup, and perpetual fear of wrinkles for this constant need to don shades.  I think having at least two pairs in constant rotation should be at the bottom of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.  Superficial?  No way.  Dump your guilt on another  accessory because sunglasses are good for your health.  That is correct, pals, invest in a decent pair of shades and increase the longevity of your life (okay, that may have been a tad melodramatic).   

If you need reassurance to protect your peepers, trust my husband, brother- and sister-in-law who all just happen to be eye doctors.  Regularly rocking sunglasses helps prevent cataracts, macular degeneration, and a few other diseases with really long names.   After picking all their brains I’ve compiled the most relevant information for your spring 2012 sunglass shopping excursion:

{Look for lenses with UV A/B protection for all glasses, polarized lenses for water/snow sports, polycarbonate lenses for high impact sports, and an anti-reflective coding for driving.}  

{Not all sunglasses are created equal and fancy brands (à la Chanel, Prada, and Versace) do not necessarily provide the best eye protection.  However, Chanel recently started making polarized lenses.  Rejoice!}

{My sister-in-law loves her Tory Burch sunnies because they have a special coating on the outside of the lenses that show a cool design, which is invisible to the person wearing them and makes it easier to spy on people.}    

Pictured above: The Eye Expert Trifecta wearing Tory Burch, Maui Jim, and Prada shades.

{Her latest favorite are Cazal glasses because they are classy looking and contain real gold in the frames.  Apparently Jay Z likes them, too!  Baller.}

And, of course, I have chosen my favorite shades that would be chic additions to anyone’s beautiful face.

{I love the look of aviators however I am sadly unable to rock the metal frame kind (dang you, wide nose bridge).  That is why I j’adore my plastic frame aviators, similar to these.  My husband practices what he preaches and is sporting polarized Maui Jim sunglasses, which is a recommended brand by all three of the eye doctor folks.}

{Here are a few versions of classic, big glasses.  (See similar styles here and here.)  I recommend having at least one classic pair that go with anything and am partial to tortoise frames.}

{These frames give a little edge with the tiniest cat eye curve, similar to this pair.}

{I am confident I will always love big glasses regardless of what is considered in style.  Due to BHS (Big Head Syndrome, it is a Polish affliction) my sister and I need the large frames for our large faces!  She is rocking some oversized Burberry sunglasses, similar to this pair.  Do you suffer from Small Head Syndrome?  Look for Gucci sunglasses because, according to my sister-in-law, this brand fits her smaller head perfectly.}

{It’s never too early to protect little one’s eyes!  My sister-in-law recommends Julbo and Bolle for baby sunglasses, which stay on well and do not squeeze too hard on sensitive temples.  If you’re looking for a baby shower or birthday gift consider an adorable pair of sunglasses (straight from the mother/eye doctor’s mouth).}




  1. I heart my ray bans.

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