a wedding must: videographer

Every bride is on a budget and managing said budget is the most stressful, marathon game of Tetris ever played.  Lovely things are tragically cut in order to pay for other things…like rent.  Increase the dress fund, decrease the flowers, increase the paper goods fund, goodbye favors.   Enough already.  One category I considered an unnecessary luxury was a videographer.  (We have a photographer, do we really need both when it means I can’t wear my beloved Jim Hjelm dress?)  Oh my word, good miraculous thing that the now-fiancé of one of my bridesmaids is a film connoisseur and just happened to receive a new camera mere days before the wedding date and just wondered hey can I try out my camera at your wedding?   Are. You. Kidding?  

It remains the single best present I have ever received.  

My advice to bride-to-be’s is to not skimp on the videographer and, if possible, choose the incredibly talented Nate Baston to have your day perfectly immortalized in a medium pictures can never compare to.  Forget the continuous shot, hour long, bored-to-tears videos of weddings past and welcome an interesting montage that flawlessly captures The Best Day Ever in a wonderfully concise short-and-sweet video that begs to be viewed over and over.

Prepare for unparalleled wedding beauty:


  1. recipeforabeautifullife says:

    Love the video! My biggest (and only) wedding regret is not getting a videographer. Thankfully we had an amazing photographer, but now I tell everyone I know getting married, to get a videographer.


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