what were you made fun of for?

Everyone was teased for something. Even the prettiest gals in school were poked fun at, albeit it was because their boobs developed early. However that hurt their feelings nonetheless. We all know that the playground can be rough and every kid has something to be picked on about. The best news is that we grow up and often the awkward aspect of our appearance or personality turns into a prime virtue in our adult lives. Whether it was being too skinny (now rockingly buff), biracial (I’d give anything for that skin), too soft spoken (now the most soothing eye doctor you’ll ever come across!), a bonafide nerd (now a computer science genius), or a nose too pronounced (didn’t Carrie Bradshaw make that cool?) we all have a trait we adore now yet detested back then.

{These lips were made for bright colors.}

I inherited these lips (a family attribute on both sides, there was no escape) and was relentlessly teased. Now strangers ask “who did them”. Take that!

So what were you made fun of for that is now a treasured trait?


  1. I was made fun of for, well, everything. I had long unbrushed hair (I had to get up early! I didn’t have time for that brushing shit…), I wore really big baggy hand-me-downs and I was quiet with really awkward glasses.
    In freshman year, I started out with prep clothes and two months later turned goth, another reason I got made fun of for. I endured it all four years of high school. Then I got to college. I bounced from guy to guy because I was finally attractive and hey, I was making up for lost time. Then, just a week after I swore off guys for a looooong time after a nasty breakup, I met a man that changed my life who proposed to me only three months later and who I married less than two years after that.
    I saw one of the popular girls from school a couple years later working at a Rite Aid. Her hair was stringy from too much bleach, her face was covered in acne and she’d gained about thirty pounds, if not more. I wouldn’t feel so happy about it if she hadn’t been such a bitch. It is true: what goes around, comes around.

  2. A boy in 6th grade said my butt was big. I was insecure about that for the longest time, even though I was a sporty, healthy girl averagely sized – not slim, but not chubby either. Now I like my “happy butt” (it smiles LOL) and feel bad for flat butts that can’t hold up a pair of jeans.

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