book a ticket and just leave

I love this image (found via Pinterest) and the message: Just leave!  It’s easier said than done though.  I get it, traveling can be expensive and planning a trip may seem daunting.  Given that, I wouldn’t trade any of my travels in for having extra money in the bank (i.e., clothes in my closet).  And in addition to learning about new cultures, eating delicious meals, and seeing beautiful landmarks there is a sense of confidence and a “can do” attitude after successfully navigating a difficult new situation, right?  (Yes, you, Paris subway system.)  I hope everyone has the opportunity to leave their country and explore at least a few times in their life.  If you know of someone who hasn’t been able to get out and see the world, sometimes a kick in the bum is needed to escape their every day rut.  That is exactly what my mom did when I nearly bailed out of my college study abroad opportunity (what an idiot, College Me).  Out of the 14 countries I have visited, here are my favorite places in the world:

{Santorini, Greece.  If you are headed this way, you must stay at the Athermi Hotel!}

{Bergen, Norway}

{Gdansk, Poland}

{Venice, Italy.  Touristy?  Of course.  Overrated?  Not at all!}

{Dublin, Ireland}

{Reykjavik, Iceland}

{Paris, France}

{Victoria, British Columbia.  Make sure to rent scooters if you go!}

My husband and I are constantly updating our travel wish list (next up: New Zealand).  Does anyone have recommendations for other must-visit destinations?   


  1. I studied in Paris, love love love. Nothing quite like traveling.

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