i heart the pacific northwest

If anyone out there hasn’t been to the Pacific Northwest: I wonder, what are you waiting for?  There is more to it than granola-munching hipsters.  And, if you can believe, there is electricity and running water.   And clean air and friendly people…

The top ten things I miss about this wonderful place:

10. The glorious Oregon Coast

{Where it’s not crowded and dogs can run free!}

9. Lots of random little lakes
8. And places for boys to hunt
7. Drivers actually merging/yielding/letting someone change lanes (aka, obeying the laws)
6. Good music at amazing venues

{The Gorge Amphitheater}  

5. Reasonably priced salon visits
4.  Microbreweries.  Beer for everyone!
3.  Decent-size mountains (oh, hello, Mt. Hood)
2. A coffee shop on literally every corner 
1. My family and friends, obviously!
What do you think, Pacific Northwest dwellers?  What else would you consider the top reasons for living there?


  1. recipeforabeautifullife says:

    I can see why moving to the East Coast has made you miss number 7. My hubby is from the MidWest and he complains about the same thing. Sometimes I think my commute into DC is going to eventually drive me crazy. Great post!

  2. winterstar06 says:

    I love this post! I bet you are pretty homesick. It makes me think about how much I hate it when people complain about anything here-we are so spoiled living here. I honestly could not imagine being happy anywhere else.

    • Everyone is totally spoiled there but it is definitely easy to forget that other areas aren’t as cool:)

      • winterstar06 says:

        So true. I shudder every time I think of when I lived in Nevada. I let my Grandma think I came back to be near her but really nothing calls you back home like the Great Pacific Northwest!

  3. alexandriamarie1 says:

    Reading your Top Ten served as a welcome reminder to myself on how fortunate I am to live in such a great part of the world. Thank you for that! So often we get caught up on what we DON’T like about something that we forget what we DO like about it. Here are some of my additions to the list:

    11. Experiencing ALL four seasons every year.
    12. Having the mountains AND ocean within only a couple-hours drive. This makes spontaneous day and weekend trips actually doable 🙂
    13. Humidity, what humidity??

    I could go on and on…thanks girl for reminding me to be grateful for my surroundings!!

    And MOST importantly…the PNW misses YOU!!!!!

    • Those are great additions! I can’t believe I forgot about the lack of humidity (I am sure in a few months that will be the only think on my mind). Miss you too girl!

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