wedding invitations: the first glimpse into the festivities to come

Like I mentioned last week, I am a fan of weddings.  Who isn’t though, right?  I will take it a step further and dare to say I am a huge fan of wedding stationery.  There are so many opportunities for creativity that it seems a dreadful waste to send out blah invitations.   My brother-in-law and sister-in-law sent out invitations that could be planted and would grow into a flower, which was just so them that I couldn’t help but love it.

I was looking for that just right balance of personality, quality, and affordability when I first came across Hello!Lucky several years ago and I felt all my prayers were answered.  Now even if you’re not in a wedding state of mind do not fret because Hello!Lucky also creates amazing personal stationery, greeting cards, and any paper good one could dare imagine.  Here is a quick glimpse into the lovely work they did for my husband and I, which amazingly integrated my girliness with his ruggedness:

{The whole suite: Wedding invitation, rehearsal dinner invitation, information card, save the date, reception card, RSVP card and return envelope.}

{The goal was to create a feeling that guests were unwrapping a present with the twine and the tag.}

{It took forever and a day to collect enough vintage stamps for our invitations and RSVP envelopes.  It was time-consuming but totally worth it in the end.}

{These stamps are an homage to our home states.}

{I mixed letterpress printing (beautiful and classic) on the primetime items such as the invitations and information card with digital printing (lovely and much more affordable) on the RSVP card to keep costs down.}

If you are planning a wedding, dreaming of a future wedding, or planning on sending out invitations for a party, remember to show a little personality!  It doesn’t need to cost an exorbitant amount but should certainly make an impression and stimulate excitement for the event to come.

{Shout-outs:  All of the photographs were taken by Mae of Mae Wright Photography.  For a grammar lesson on the difference between stationery and stationary read this post from Cupcakes and Cashmere which explains it very simply.  The twine was supplied by Olive Manna which has a huge selection of unique decorations and craft supplies.}


  1. these are gorgeous!!

  2. Those are really pretty and unique. Lovelove them!

  3. I love these! I have to show them to a friend of mine who’s having a yellow/blue wedding. xoxox

  4. I think you made a great choice. love the colour

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