lovely today, heirloom tomorrow

My grandmother was one classy gal.  She is the inspiration for many things, like my love of baking from scratch, the name of this blog, and to top it off she was a spelling bee champion (truth).  Yet with a dozen aunts and uncles and over twenty first cousins on one side it is difficult to procure any of my grandmother’s lovely belongings.  She had a beautiful white soup tureen that my sister and I were always obsessed with.  I don’t actually remember it being used but I do recall it always looked divine on her shelves.  Since neither of us were lucky enough to score said beautiful heirloom we took it upon ourselves to collect our own.  It doesn’t have to be très expensive or wildly ornate; A simple white soup tureen is the perfect item to start your own memories and pass down.  Who knows, maybe your granddaughters will one day obsess over it, too? 

{My soup tureen was a lovely gift from my mother from Anthropologie}

{Great White Soup Tureen}

{Adorable vintage soup tureen found on Etsy}

{Footed Soup Tureen

{Antique White Tureen with Lid}

Do you have any other sentimental heirlooms looking chic in your home?  Please share!


  1. […] me stifling back a stream of tears. You belong on the shelves in my dining room right next to my soup tureen, Adorable Flowered […]

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