enjoy buttermilk waffles

A favorite brunch recipe in our household is buttermilk waffles (made from scratch, of course) for leisurely Sundays.  It takes more time than good ol’ Bisquick from a box but the results are well worth the effort.  This recipe is a great base.  I like to add in different ingredients to keep life exciting.  (When flavored waffles bring great excitement, is that a bad thing?)  Try it with any type of fruit, baking spices, pumpkin, or chocolate chips and you can’t go wrong.

{Stiff foam peaks take about three-five minutes to achieve.  They should be shiny and hold their shape.}

{Fold in with a spatula, not a whisk, to keep the final result fluffy.}

{I am très jealous of Nate’s brother and his wife who are Hawaii bound and wanted to create our own tropical vacation with bananas and shredded coconut.}

{I admit, this waffle iron is excessive especially considering my husband and I chose it over a full set of flatware, however, it makes the best waffles.  Period.  I like to think of it as an investment for our bellies.}

{According to a certain male, breakfast is not complete without bacon.}

What are your favorite waffle or pancake flavors?  I’d love to try it.  Now, pour yourself a mimosa or coffee and enjoy a lazy Sunday!


  1. janethatpain says:

    Those waffles look extra delicious.. I would love some right now!

    xx jane

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