wine + cheese + bread = good

With my husband’s new job we have found ourselves at several events as the youngest people there by at least a decade.  The conversations often center around personal wine cellars and the merits of various vintages.  Needless to say, we usually feel a little out of place.  We decided to explore wine classes to increase our smarts and decrease our awkwardness.  First up: A wine and cheese pairing class as a way to shift from bonafide beer lovers to wine enthusiasts (besides, cheese + bread = always amazing).  

My favorite combinations from the class:

{Pommery Brut NV Champagne + Brie de Meaux}

{Brochard Sancerre + Boucheron de Chevre}

And for you red wine drinkers:

{Mormoraia Chianti + Fontina}

{Brazin Zinfandel + Jasper Hill Cabot Cheddar}

We decided to counteract the afternoon sophistication with a rousing tournament of Catch Phrase (girls won, naturally).

{J.Crew Bubble necklace}

Any other ideas for wine and cheese pairings that will help me sound semi-knowledgable at stuffy parties?  


  1. alexandriamarie1 says:

    That is so neat you guys decided to take this class! Way to take initiative on increasing your knowledge of such a vital topic 😉 My favorite wine and cheese pairings: any/all cheese and any/all wine of the cheap variety. In all seriousness though, yesterday at Trader Joe’s, I participated in one of their wine and cheese tastings that they frequently offer and it was a to-die-for experience. The cheese was a chocolate cheddar cheese. I know this sounds disgusting, but it was such a great combo followed by a couple swigs of a local Pinot Noir. A great Valentines Day pairing!

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