casual friday at an already casual place

I assume most people who work in a nice office look forward to ditching their pencil skirts for jeans on Fridays.  But what if the place of work is already a super casual environment?  How much more casual can one get?  Enter what I see on Fridays: Yoga pants, giant ill-fitting Ravens sweatshirts, unfortunate open-toed sandals, and very low cut tops with A&F splattered on the front.  Really?  At a hospital?  

So, I’ve decided to chronicle appropriate casual Friday outfits.  Enjoy.

Leifsdottir twist knit cardigan (old); Kate Spade Zinnia studs because they make me smile (and anything other than studs are not a wise choice when working with grabby hands); Ombre Polka scarf; Michele Jelly Bean watch which I am hoping to add to my collection; Straight leg jeans; A durable and roomy tote for carrying a lunch, water bottle, and necessities; Tory Burch flats which are nearly beige and très comfortable.

Morals of the story: Clothes do not have to be fancy or complicated.  Bright colors are good.  Jeans do not equal an excuse for sloppiness.


  1. Very cute! Love everything about it 🙂

  2. I have the Michele Jelly Bean watch in grey and I want every color! ….sign up for Rue La La they have had them on there before for like $150 and Nordstrom will price match if they don’t have the color you want!

  3. hi, there! blog-hopping from BLT. your blog is amazing. love the various features… and i especially love this style picks! i really want those tory burch flats! 🙂 you have a new follower on bloglovin! hoping to keep in touch. cheers, and yay for blog-hopping!


  1. […] Thank goodness for my best pal, Alex (pictured above wearing a grayish navy blue), who showed me the light many years ago: Navy blue is the way to go.  It is sophisticated yet approachable; Unexpected yet classic.  I quickly became obsessed (of course after the obligatory several year hiatus following sporting navy blue uniforms for years in Catholic school).  Alex is usually wearing navy blue and always looks chic. The color brings out her ridiculously beautiful blue eyes and leaves her looking polished and lovely.  Also, navy blue is just as slimming as black and can easily be worn as a monochromatic look. Just check out this outfit. […]

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