how to wax your eyebrows at home

Six years ago my (stunning) friend Brianna forced me into having my eyebrows waxed by an Anastasia aesthetician at Nordstrom.  As I mentioned on Monday, it completely changes a face and brought life to the randomly dispersed blonde hairs that were supposed to be my eyebrows.  I now have to have them waxed by an Anastasia aesthetician every few months yet the upkeep gets a little spendy (saving for purses, remember?) so I decided to buy this wax kit and do it myself in between pro visits.  I’ve embarrassingly chronicled how easy it is to do at home so we can all save towards fancy accessories.

First and foremost, have all your tools ready!  You’ll need a wax kit, stencils, brow brush, and brow powder.  Make sure to start with a clean, makeup-free brow area.

Using the stencils as a guide, draw in your brows darker than usual so it is easy to spot where to spread the wax to ensure the entire eyebrow isn’t yanked off.

Use the wood sticks to spread a thin coat of mildly warmed wax under the brow.

Press the muslin strip over the wax and press firmly.

Going against the direction of hair growth, pull the muslin strip off fast.  It doesn’t hurt that bad, honestly.  

After you’ve waxed all the areas, use an eyebrow brush to brush the hair up.

And then trim off excess hair and style your brows as usual.  Finished!  Well done.  Now go put some cream or something on, that redness looks painful!  (And stay out of public for a while.)


  1. recipeforabeautifullife says:

    Very impressive! I need to learn to do this since my trips to the waxer have been way too few and far between.

  2. Great blog! Welcome to Capfabb!

    XO Kayla Monay

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