a few do’s and don’ts of wedding etiquette

It’s Etiquette Tuesday (didn’t you get the memo?).  I secretly (well, now publicly) wish I had been able to attend charm school when I was growing up so I could have learned all about etiquette as a wee gal and perhaps turned out a little more charming.  I thoroughly enjoy etiquette and contemplating the proper response to different situations.  After all, I do have the book Emily Post’s Etiquette, 18th Edition on my nightstand.  True story.  (Thanks for the book, Alix!)

Because it is nearly wedding season and weddings are often an etiquette nightmare, I’ve included the most common blunders I have experienced both as a bride and a guest.  If you are planning a wedding or attending one as a guest, please keep the following in mind:

Brides: Do include stamps on your RSVP envelopes.  Is it ridiculous I even have to say this?

Guests: Do RSVP in a timely manner!  And if you RSVP yes, make sure to show up.

Brides: Register for gifts that cover a variety of price ranges.

Guests: No one said gifts have to be expensive.  A $10 gift card or dinner plate will be greatly appreciated rather than taking a frame off your wall (or out of a box in the attic?) and putting it in a gift bag.  I know dinnerware isn’t très exciting to give but it will surely be used.

Brides: Ensure there are chairs for all of your guests.  Especially at the head table.  People like to sit when they eat.

Guests: Do not sit at a table you were not assigned to.   You are ousting a poor soul to wander around awkwardly reminiscent of lonely lunches in school.

Brides: Do not include registry information on your invitation unless you want to appear greedy.  And tacky.  In which case, way to own it! 

Guests: You are not obligated to buy a gift from the registry, but venture outside only if you truly know the couples’ style.  Any ideas of what to do with two breast pump-looking candle holders?    

Brides: Clearly define who is invited to the wedding on the envelope and double-check that the spelling is correct.  Some people insist on spelling their name oddly, which I know is quite inconvenient.

Guests: Do not bring people who were not invited.  Have you ever hosted a party for 200 people?   It. Is. Expensive.

My pals below agree.

{Cake topper birds created by Ashley Anna Brown}

Do you have any etiquette questions or wedding faux pas experiences?  Do share!


  1. emily post’s etiquette is on my nightstand too!!

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