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Happy Super Bowl Sunday for those of you who actually care who wins.  For the rest of us, happy Eat Lots of Snacks Sunday.  I am feeling the love today as I am writing my Valentine’s Day cards to send to friends and family.  (This card is for my nephews.  Adorable!)  And speaking of love, please share some with me and follow my blog on bloglovin’.  It’ll be good for your soul.

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If you need a break from football, enjoy inspiration by the lovely images that warm my heart:

{My favorite color glassybaby.}

{I have always loved macarons in general and I finally experienced Ladurée macarons, which made it clear I can never go back.}

{A giant cappuccino.  Yes, with a straw.}

{Cupcakes from Saint Cupcake.  How I miss you!}

{Bright tulips.  I hope I get some on Valentine’s Day.}

What are some of your favorite things that make you happy to look at?  

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