happy. healthy. handsome.

Working in pediatrics is often heartbreaking, especially on inpatient, especially at a renowned hospital where all the unsolvable cases go, and especially when sad things happen to the nicest people.  Oh, and especially on a Saturday.  These little people and their families go through horrific circumstances (à la having me as a therapist).  The tumors, rare diseases, and non-accidental traumas (aka shaken baby syndrome, aka someone is in jail, aka don’t shake your baby!) make me very grateful and appreciative of my three happy, healthy, and handsome nephews and their amazing parents who have miraculously kept them out of harm’s way.

Cheers to three of my favorite boys and healthy families:




So as you are out enjoying your weekend just make sure to say thanks for not being in the hospital and not being one of my patients.

Also, wearing scrubs today reminded me of my friend Winter’s plea for ideas on making scrubs and a lab coat look chic.  Any advice?


  1. Not so much comment on scrubs…but hats off to the parents of these handsome young children…thank heavens for the parents…and thank heavens for the sensitive medical professionals like Lesleigh who help with those young ones with needs beyond what parents can provide….

  2. I am very familiar with the dilemma of attempting to look chic in scrubs. The bottom line is you have to make every accessory count. My favorite accessory is my watch, which is mandatory for working in healthcare. My current favorite is a large black face and black strap watch that is some sort of plastic material (easy to sanitize) with *diamonds around the face. The second accessory that is compatible with my job as a labor and delivery nurse is stud earrings. I have been known to wear some quite large and bold stud earrings. The third accessory that can always make an impact are a great pair of shoes. Bright colors always have a striking impact. Another tip is not to worry about matching your accessories to your scrubs, as they are practically a blank canvas considering about 50% of the hospital is wearing the exact same thing…. have fun with what what you choose to accessorize with.

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