beckoned by bracelets

Nothing makes me feel more pulled together than slipping on some cute bracelets. They are definitely wearable for work, especially chunky bracelets so little munchkins do not yank them right off. Looking down and seeing prettiness on my wrist also makes documentation more enjoyable. I tend to switch which wrist I wear my watch on; today I was in a chunky, layering mood.

{Just typing away.}

{From top to bottom: Burberry watch, J.Crew crystal bracelet which is no longer available but similar to this one, and the J.Crew Jenna bracelet}

And a few words of wisdom to help you get ready for the weekend:

{Thank you for the inspiration, Hope and Glory Inn!}


  1. Doesn’t J.Crew make the best jewelry! I’m all about the links these days! Super cute blog! Welcome to the CapFabb club, hope to meet you soon!



  1. […] mentioned the Hope and Glory Inn in Virginia a few times (here and here) which is just the most adorable destination.  We celebrated our one year anniversary here and had […]

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