snaggle nails be gone

I am no stranger to dry, disgusting nails.  After a decade and a half of swimming that chlorine really did a number on my digits.  However, now that I am a grown up and living a chlorine-free life I have taken kindly to regular manicures every other week or weekly if I feel so inclined.  As a professional I feel this adds polish (pun not intended) and, more importantly, prevents me from having snaggle nails.  Everyone knows snaggle nails when they see them.  Hangnails, dried blood even, and jagged edges all around.  Loving therapists, do you think people want you touching them with snaggle nails?  

I understand that washing one’s hands numerous times throughout the day creates dry, unwelcoming hands which is why a little old-fashioned tender loving care is required.  I recommend keeping Kiehl’s Creme de Corps nearby at all times.  I also religiously put Burt’s Bees Cuticle Cream on my fingers every night.  Seriously.  Every.  Night.  

Obviously healthcare practitioners are limited in their nail color choices.  No long nails past one’s finger tip (which is disgusting anyway) and the color/décor should be tasteful.  Glitter: No, are you 12?  Ombre: Perhaps based on the shade.  Shatter: Absolutely not.  Art decals: Would you respect advice from someone with leopard print nails?  However, even nontraditional colors can be work and hospital friendly if done in the appropriate shade.  I have whittled down the nail polishes that I own to a list of my frequently loved favorites:

Best Every Day Shade:

{Chanel Particulière}

Best Fun/A Little Edgy:

{Dior Nirvana}

Best Only-When-It’s-Not-Ravens-Season:

{Dior Purple Mix}

Best Pink:

(I am partial, I wore this on my wedding day)

{Essie Eternal Optimist} 

Best Gray/Neutral:

{Essie Chinchilly}

Newest Addition:

{Chanel April}

Let me know your favorite shades, too.  I am always looking to add to my collection!


  1. alexandriamarie1 says:

    I am loving your everyday shade girl! I own o n e Chanel polish (it was a gift) and I must say I have seen the light as to why gals pay the extra $ for it; it stays on so well! I have some seasonal favorites that I will post pics of later 🙂

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