scarves make life happier

Scarves are a wonderful last-minute addition and often take place as the center of my work outfits.  For those of you who see me regularly you know I often have a bright or patterned scarf around my neck.  (Don’t mind the rest: khakis and a button-up when at work. Sigh.)  I find it remarkable that I can look quite sloppy yet will receive many compliments regarding my outfit due to my scarf.  And how easy is it to throw one on?  Perfect for lazy dressers.  

My favorite scarf of all time was a gift courtesy of my lovely friend Brianna who brought it home from Italy with her.  This scarf has been worn for sure and miraculously goes with stripes, other patterns, and practically every solid color.

Unfortunately I can’t say where to go buy it unless you find yourself in Italy.  Meanwhile here are a few other similar scarves that will do the trick to spice up my fellow therapists’ work ensembles.  Anthropologie has a fantastic selection in a variety of prices.

{love this pattern}

{perfect colors for everyone}

I am also loving my most recent scarf addition.  (Thank you for the random gift card, Anthropologie!)  The color palette makes me feel très chic and the print is just lovely.

I am always looking to add to my scarf collection.  Let me know what darling scarves you’ve been eyeing lately!


  1. loving your new anthro scarf!!
    my current favorite scarf is the lilly pulitzer murfee scarf especially made for the greenbrier. it’s a beautiful lightweight scarf designed especially for the greenbrier, incorporating their signature details in lilly’s favorite pink & green. when i wear it, i am reminded of some of my favorite family vacations there! who knew scarves could be so meaningful for us? 😉
    sorry… you’ll have to google to find a picture!

  2. alexandriamarie1 says:

    Les you’ve always been my scarf muse! Ever since I have known you, you’ve always accessorized with scarves so well. Your influence got me hooked on scarves as a way to bring a bit of flair to an otherwise blah outfit. What I have been loving lately are infinity scarves! When wearing traditional scarves to work, I find that the ends are always getting in the way of things I am doing when bending over, etc. Not a problem with the infinity scarves. Also what is great about scarves is they are always a great gift, especially for you my friend 🙂

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