don’t be rude, send a thank you note

Thank you cards are quick to write and an easy way to show proper etiquette.  My mother taught me early on that failing to send a thank you note was inexcusable and there were serious repercussions: my grandmother would withhold presents the following year if a thank you note was not received the previous year.  Brutal!  Thank goodness for learning a good lesson early on because now writing them is second nature.  Read on to determine whether to send or not to send a thank you note:

  • You’ve received a present: Yes, always!  It doesn’t matter if you also gave that same person a gift as in a Christmas gift exchange (unless it is for work); a thank you note is nonnegotiable.
  • You were invited out to dinner and they foot the bill: No, but be sure to genuinely say thank you.  Of course if said bill footer is someone you’re trying to impress do send a thank you note.
  • You were invited to a dinner party at someone’s home: If you bring something to the party then no.  If you show up empty-handed, yes, send a note afterwards.
  • You were a houseguest: Yes.  I also like to send a small gift reminiscent of the trip, like a framed picture of an outing with the hosts.  Or, as my sister kindly did, send replacement items of something you broke.
  • You hosted houseguests:  It depends.  Since I live very far away from the majority of my friends and family I will send a thank you note because their time and effort to make the trip is truly appreciated.
  • You gave someone a ride to the airport: No, but who wouldn’t love a $5 gift card for coffee?
  • You received flowers: No, but obviously say thank you.

Remember: A text message or Facebook message does not suffice as a thank you note.  Where are your manners?

A thank you note ought to be written on quality, thick paper (100 lb minimum, please).  I love when people have their own stationery which will tell you about their own style.  These thank you notes were made for after my husband’s and my wedding by the amazing Jen of Miss Pickles Press and we still use them all the time.   The return address stamp comes in quite handy and was created by StampOutOnline.

More to come on stationery later as I am a self-proclaimed stationery snob, but in the meantime peruse my favorite thank you notes.  Hello!Lucky always has unique cards that make me smile like the Antoinette and Too Kind.   


  1. Love the blog! I knew I needed to write more thank you notes and have some that are currently overdue. Your blog entry has encouraged me to check out these sites and get myself some good stationary on which to write them!

  2. Thank you Kathryn! I hope you find some darling stationary:)

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